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Solutions Architecture & Development

Design and development of the Ten Percent Wizard

The Ten Percent Compliance Wizard helps to assure that the employment and training outcomes prescribed as part of the Commonwealth’s $43B Nation Building and Jobs Infrastructure Program of "Building the Education Revolution" (BER) will be achieved. Prescribed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), the ‘Ten Percent Policy’ requires that 10% of labour hours on BER funded projects must be carried out by apprentices, trainees or employees from a range of identified backgrounds.  South Australia and Queensland are the only states that have developed purpose-built reporting mechanisms. The Ten Percent Policy seeks to produce a training and workforce development dividend from Government investment in construction activity.

Bayer complete all solutions architecture artefacts required to build the online business solution for CITB and Construction Companies in South Australia.

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Solutions Architecture & Development

A Business Process Management (BPM) Solution, using Oracle’s BPM component of the ORACLE SOA Suite.

The Offender Record Management System provides a fully integrated business solution to manage and automate SAPOL's offender, corone and prosecution processes, segregating business process from application logic. The idea is that legislative changes to the business process do not require expensive application changes.


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Business Analysis

The Workforce Wizard is a tool that enables access to up-to-date workforce data for industries, occupations or regions in South Australia. Results can be viewed in an automatically generated textual report or as data file. It offers the ability to select from full ABS classification hierarchies, to choose comparison data and to save searches.

Bayer completed business requirements demonstrating clear business benefits of the development for an online workforce wizard.


Solutions Architecture

In South Australia, the policy requires government agencies and contractors to work together to ensure that 15% of labour hours on specified contracts for building and civil works is undertaken by apprentices, trainees, Aboriginal people, local people with barriers to employment and for up-skilling (“the target groups”).

Bayer completed all solutions architecture artefacts required for a complete functional requirement specification.


Solutions Architecture & Development (various engagements)

(1) Design and Development of the new PropertyAssist Pay-As-You-Go payment facility. PropertyAssist

(2) Planning and co-ordination of Citrix thin client rollout to NPWSA, Crown Lands and EPA office.

(3) E-Commerce framework to be used in application development projects for integrating common billing, invoicing and payment services.

(4) Solutions Architecture for the design and development of PropertyAssist. PropertyAssist was an initiative of DENR in 2000 to make land title and valuation information accessible to business and the general public. Land titles, cadastre and valuation related information are provided, using a three-tiered application framework. Bayer was engaged to design the E-Commerce and Billing System and interface to the departments accounting backend CA-Masterpiece.

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Crown Lands

Solutions Architecture & Development

Architecture and design of application systems for the automation of Crown Lands business processes, using the Handysoft Bizflow workflow and business process management engine system (BPMS).

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Solutions Architecture & Development

Bayer was engaged in a sub-contracting capacity to complete the Solutions Architecture and development of the online membership system, using the salesforce.com CRM.

In addition, a member self-serve portal was developed, allowing RA&HS members to create online profiles, purchase show tickets and donate to various causes.

All salesforce.com and force.com PaaS technologies, such as APEX and Visualforce were used. SOAP Interfaces to http://abr.business.gov.au/ as well as force.com WS exposed apex classes were provided.

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