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Business Analysis and Business Architecture

Your current business and enterprise architecture capabilities determine to a large degree how agile your oganisation is and what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors.

With todays tight profit margin and ever so fast changing market conditions, your survival depends often on how innovative you are to introduce new or better product or services and the ability re-invent yourself over and over again.

How do you keep in touch with your market and recognise seasonal and purchase behaviour changes?

All of your IT investment should provide your business with the competitive advantage you need and should equate into financial bottom line return.

Allow us to help you and work with us to re-align your business goals with IT goals.

What's in it for You?

The team at Bayer can help you to maximise all your IT investment on several engagement levels.

Strategic Level We can help by introducing an IT Governance Framework and Control Structures to make sure you can measure the performance of you IT Resources and processes on a regular level. We also help by establishing Capability Frameworks that allows for continuous learning and skill development.
Project Level We add value by preparing Business Cases and/or Business Requirement Documentation for specific IT investments you are planning to undertake. This could include Software Development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) rollouts and other Commercial Of The Shelf implementations.

Our promise to you is that all outcomes we deliver provide you clarity on exactly how your investment will benefit your business.

Business Solutions Blueprints (Solutions Architecture)

What is Solutions Architecture?

The solutions architect will take business requirements as a brief to produce detailed specifications and instructions (Blueprint) of what is needed to build an IT business solution, which can be made up of solutions building blocks such as Commercially Off The Shelf components or custom developed software and hardward components.

The team at Bayer is passionate about the fine art of translating business cases into workable blue prints.

Those blue prints consists of functional requirements (FRS) and system design specifications (SDS), which include detailed instructions on how to construct all aspects of your new software application systems. Just like when building a house, nothing must be left unspecified and open for speculation and interpretation.

What's in it for You?

Preparing an FRS/SDS provides your organisation with several tactical and strategic benefits, such as precise budget and time forcasting and of course the ability to compare 'apples' with 'apples' when obtaining multiple quotes and proposals. It is also wise to conduct Solutions Architecture before the release of tender documents. Our team will guide and work with you to maximise ROI.

Solutions Architecture should always be completed, whether it is for simple solutions as a public online information system, i.e. a membership management system or more complex innitiatives such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), de-coupling services and orchestrating them within an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). more...

Business Solutions Development and Integration

Bayer has earned a rock solid reputation for not only managing complex software development projects from tender stage to final implementation and handover but also by applying open standard technologies that meet your budget as well as scalability and business requirements.

We can demonstrate experience in most current key technologies, such as Java, JEE, Oracle SOA Suite, BPM, Ajax, GWT, SaaS/PaaS, C++ and many more.

What's in it for You?

Experienced and profesional execution with an agile twist.
We practice what we preach. We use a methodology called Scrum that plugs you into the approval process and gives everone a happy ending.

Aligning Smart Solutions with Business Objectives